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Conference Presentations



Panel Discussion hosted by Scott Markus. More information coming soon regarding topic and line up


Ted Williams and Robyn Davis

Join your conference hosts, Ted Williams and Robyn Davis, for a presentation on the only execution ever performed in Jo Daviess County, the Hanging of John Taylor. Convicted of killing his wife, Taylor is sentenced to hang, but the twists and turns never stop coming in this dreadful tale of justice gone wrong. The fear of local Galenians are manifested through Taylor's hanging and haunting, and linger on to this very day. Using local newspaper headlines and eyewitness accounts, this is a story that won't leave you...well, you know.


Troy Taylor

Come along for a trip back in time to the Roaring '20s and discover the world of Al Capone and the gangs that made the city of Chicago's streets run red with blood.  Join Troy Taylor as he unravels the truth behind the haunting of Al Capone - and other gangland ghosts of the Windy City - and delves into the underworld of jazz, bootleg liquor, rattling Tommy guns, crime, corruption, and "one-way rides" during a fast-paced look at a St. Valentine's Day you won't soon forget. 



Amanda Woomer

Join the curator of The Museum of Memento Mori as she shares the fascinating (and sometimes morbid) history of the Victorian's mourning customs.  Learn about the environment of the 19th Century that led to their obsession with death and mourning and then get a closer look at the artwork created during this time period with "The Art of Grieving."


Brandon Massullo

What causes ghostly experiences?  Are ghosts real?  Why do certain people report numerous ghostly encounters and others none?  For centuries these questions have intrigued, puzzled, and bedeviled science, skeptics and even believers.  Join parapsychologist and clinical therapist, Brandon Massullo as he addresses these questions and provides new insights into paranormal events reported by millions of people each year.  During his talk, Brandon will explore some of the topics of his book, "The Ghost Studies: New Perspective on the Origins of Paranormal Experiences which include: the latest research into ghosts, why certain people are more prone to ghostly encounters, and exciting new theories on the causes of apparitions, hauntings and communications with the dead.  


Keri Bergen

Haunted Dolls can produce a wide range of paranormal activity from subtle and pleasant to obvious and terrifying.  Would you bring a haunted doll into your home?  You might just change your mind after you explore the world of haunted dolls with Kari Bergen as your guide.  See haunted dolls from Ephemera Obscura's Doll Orphanage, hear stories from the fascinating history of haunted dolls, explore how and in what ways dolls become haunted, and get practical advice on recognizing and interacting with haunted dolls!


Dan Norvell and Larry Eissler III

There is no name more well known in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin regions than Black Hawk, the Sauk War Chief and leader of the Rock River Sauk natives known as the British Band.  In April of 1832, Black Hawk and his Band crossed into Illinois and engaged in the last Native American war fought on the east side of the Mississippi River.  The war would inevitably come to an end at the Battle of Bad Axe, near present-day Victory, Wisconsin, where the remainder of Black Hawk's forces were slaughtered mercilessly.  Between all of the events of the war, an approximate 77 settlers, militiamen, and army regulars would lose their lives compared to an estimated 1000 British Band and their allies.  Join Dan and Larry from the PARAFlixx Original series Expedition Entity as they present the history of the Black Hawk War and the ghosts that still haunt the Illinois countryside. 


Chris McBrien

Chris McBrien, Psychic Medium, Shaman and Sufi will be discussing his experiences while performing exorcisms starting with his first exorcism as a fledgling Sufi in the mid-90's, as well as highlights from more intensive exorcism experiences up until the present year.  He will also be discussing the dynamics of exorcisms and how they work both on this side of reality and the other, as well as basic steps to successfully perform them yourself, both from the standpoint of his historically documented shamanic background inherited by his family, as well as his Sufi background of over 9 years.  Chris will also discuss various profound encounters with entities/spirits on this side of reality and the other side, as well as the upsurge of encounters being reported and the reasons why.

See you at the
Haunted Galena Conference 2024

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