Schedule of Events

The Haunted Galena Conference will be held at the DeSoto House Hotel May 15-16, 2020!  

Presentation times subject to change.


4:00 PM: Registration and vendor rooms open at the DeSoto House Hotel
6:00 PM: Welcome to the Haunted Galena Conference with Ted Williams
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM: Panel Discussion: Haunted Road Trip - Hosted by Mike Huberty

8:00 PM: Vendor Rooms Closed for the Night

FRIDAY AFTER HOURS EVENTS (Reservations required except for Welcome Party)

7:30 PM - 9:00 PM: Psychic Workshop with Chris McBrien (Eli Parker Room at DeSoto House Hotel)
8:30 PM - 11:30 PM: Free Welcome Party - Miss Kitty's Grape Escape, 242 N. Main Street, Galena
10:00 PM - 2:00 AM: Ghost Hunt at Turner Hall, 115 S. Bench Street, Galena


SATURDAY, MAY 16:  (There will be a 15 minute break between all general sessions.)

8:00 AM: Vendor Rooms open at the DeSoto House Hotel

8:30 AM: Welcome to Saturday Sessions with Ted Williams
8:45 AM -9:45 AM: Paranormal Perceptions Across the Globe- Scott Markus

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM: The Ably and the DeSoto:
Two Galena Hauntings - Robyn Davis and Ted Williams         
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM: Among the Spirits - Troy Taylor

12:15 PM - 1:15 PM: LUNCH BREAK

1:15 PM - 2:15 PM: Women and the Paranormal: A Hidden History - Allison Jornlin
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM: The Berry Tavern: It's History and Haunting - Cory Ritterbusch and Jim Winter
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM: The Lake Michigan Mothman: Strangeness in the Midwest - Tobias Wayland
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM: A Shaman's Journey - Chris McBrien

SATURDAY AFTER HOURS EVENTS (Reservations required.)

7:00 PM - 8:05 PM: P.T. Murphy Magic Theater (204 Hill Street, Galena)
7:00 PM - 8:30  PM: Paranormal Pursuits with Bryan Dorn (Eli Parker Room at DeSoto House Hotel)
8:00 PM - 9:45 PM: Haunted Galena Ghost Walk (leaves from DeSoto House Hotel)
10:00 PM - 2:00 AM: Ghost Hunt at The DeSoto House Hotel

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